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Greenhouse gas inventories

Climate Mitigation Services focuses on comprehensive inventories for cities and towns, buildings, campuses, industrial facilities, oil and gas and coal (from extraction through delivery), supply chains, and events (such as conferences and festivals). Climate Mitigation Services also investigates particular sectors, such as air travel emissions and supply chains (e.g., LNG from production, liquefaction, and carriers to re-gasification, delivery, and end-use combustion). Climate Mitigation Services includes all relevant emissions sources and GHG gases in its inventories.

Climate Mitigation Services starts with a clear boundary definition, and provides full and transparent reporting of emissions. Climate Mitigation Services documents the methodology, information sources, assumptions, proxy data, and areas of uncertainty. Climate Mitigation Services aims to provide a comprehensive and repeatable inventory using local or relevant data in order to foster meaningful measurement of progress toward established emissions targets. Climate Mitigation Services does not certify emissions inventories for registration or trading purposes.

Climate Mitigation Services supports inventories and scenarios that are intended to communicate and educate the client, the public, and/or decision-makers, and therefore produces reports that meet these goals.

Climate Mitigation and Emissions Reduction.

Cost-effective solutions to reduce emissions abound in every sector. Yet technology, smarter designs, and innovative solutions can easily be trumped by “business-as-usual.” Climate Mitigation Services helps clients overcome inertia by working on both the engineering/technology and the behavioral/decision-making sides of pertinent emissions reduction opportunities. Climate Mitigation Services aids clients to transform solutions into implementation through mutual leadership, commitment, and education.

Climate Mitigation Services brings progressive solutions to bear on resolving the gulf between what exists and what can emerge. Climate Mitigation Services thinks comprehensively, aims to solve multiple problems simultaneously, and seeks out innovative solutions for clients who demand to think outside the box.

Reduction Targets and Emissions Scenarios

Climate Mitigation Services develops scenarios of selected paths toward emissions reduction objectives, helps establish achievable emissions targets, evaluates the effect of emissions reduction initiatives and implementation rates, and measures progress toward established objectives.

Innovative Projects.

Climate Mitigation Services is committed to pushing the envelope of knowledge and implementation strategies. Organizations and individuals who are developing cutting-edge research projects are encouraged to contact Climate Mitigation Services. We feast on new challenges

Media interviews.

Climate Mitigation Services grants media interviews on its published projects (unless client privilege prevails) as well as interviews on general climate issues, mitigation, technology, emissions reduction opportunities, energy and climate policy, and climate stewardship initiatives.

Transportation Services

Transportation services include business and private jet aircraft (jet fuel), commercial aviation, marine shipping, ships( including container ships), LNG carriers, cars and other mechanical vehicles.

Other services

Other services include - Emission inventories, Carbon footprints, Carbon intensity, Carbon metrics, Home energy, residential emissions, Benchmarking and Community-wide inventories. Measurement of carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, greenhouse gases (GHGs).

Climate Mitigation Services can provide services for towns, cities, municipal, government, office buildings, residential homes, commercial premises, industrial plants, federal agencies, universities, colleges, schools and other educational facilities, resorts, mountain communities, ski areas skiing.









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